Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jindotgae?

Jindotae is a breed of dog native to Korea that grows in Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do Natural Monument No. 53. It shows our passion to become a representative hot sauce of Korea in the world. The face with a tongue out expresses that the hot sauce is hot and tasty.

Who makes this? Is it safe to eat?

This hot sauce was developed by Nekkid Crew Co.,Ltd. and manufactured by Dongwon Home Food with OEM agreement. Nekkid Crew Co.,Ltd. is a F&B start-up that runs several restaurants and businesses in the industry. Dongwon Home Food is one of the largest sauce manufacturer in Korea that the facility is HACCP certified and big enough to scale the supply

What's the scoville scale of Jindotgae Hot Sauce?

It is 3,530.65 SHU which is higher than Sriracha and lower than Tabasco.

How many calories is this?

It is 4.9kcal per 10g

How long is the shelf life and should it be stored?

It is safe to eat within a year since its production date. The hot sauce can be kept in room temperature, however, we suggest to store it in a refrigerator after being opened